Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arrival in Hong Kong

Our flight for from LAX to Hong Kong landed about an hour ago, and we are sitting in the Hong Kong airport just blown away by the beauty of this place, but also intrigued by how different it is. Far off in the distance we can see the city, but every building looks exactly the same. It is very uniform and organized... definitely not something we are used to! The flight here went by so fast! It was 14.5 hours long, but i slept for probably 10 or 11 of those hours haha. Now we are just waiting for our flight from here to Singapore, which leaves in about 2 hours. We still have 2 more flights until we reach our final destination (Colombo, Sri Lanka) but we should be in Sri Lanka around 8 tonight... which would be 8 am monday morning for you guys back at home. Keep praying! We are all excited to be here, but even though we are here, we still can't believe that we ARE in China, a communist country, or that we are headed for Sri Lanka! SOoooooOOOoooo many mixed feelings going on!

1 comment:

  1. Wow that photo is sooo gorgeous!! I am glad you guys made it halfway without any complications or anything.

    How big God is blows my mind! He is the same however many millions of miles away you guys are as He is here, regardless of the boundaries the world puts on Him! I am so stoked for you!